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A Case for Conducting a Business Process Review

Business Process Review

Periodic business process reviews can be a catalyst for operational improvement by unearthing redundancies, bottlenecks, obsolete legacy practices and other constraints that can hamper an organization’s efficiency and effectiveness. Documenting current business processes is particularly beneficial to agencies considering implementing new core public safety application software, such as Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), Records Management Systems (RMS) and Jail Management Systems (JMS), given the intersection between technology and business practices, and the opportunity to leverage planned change management activities.

Through our extensive work assisting public safety agencies with organizational development and technology planning engagements, we have found that direct involvement from agency command staff, front line personnel and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) is imperative to comprehensive and action-oriented business process review sessions. Input from personnel from across all levels of the organization helps accurately capture workflows, determine drivers for current business processes and spur creative discussions regarding optimal future processes. By documenting and analyzing its business processes, an agency can identify trends across departments that can help shape the scope of a future technology procurement and lay the groundwork for future policy discussions and system configuration sessions. Once an agency has selected, installed and configured a new CAD, RMS, JMS or other solution, it can be valuable to identify changes to business processes in preparation for end user training. Rather than customizing software to replicate often outdated policies and business processes, many agencies find it beneficial to reengineer business processes to optimize the usage of new Commercial-Off-The-Shelf software systems.

DELTAWRX has facilitated business process reviews for public safety agencies of varying size and complexity. As an experienced and independent third-party, our consultants have the ability to dive into the details of agency operations and objectively examine current business practices while maintaining a focus on the big picture. We have analyzed workflows for law enforcement operations spanning departments including communications, patrol, investigations, property and evidence, records, civil and detentions, among others and understand how to translate constraints to current processes into opportunities for improvement through technology replacement efforts.

Please contact us here to learn more about our business process review services, or to discuss how we can support your organization with other technology, operations and/or strategic planning engagements.

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