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Because every client is unique, we approach each project with a customized strategy


DELTAWRX has managed more than 60 technology procurements.

Needs Assessment

RFP Development 

Evaluation Assistance

Contract Negotiations  Implementation Oversight

When you choose to partner with DELTAWRX for your project, you can have complete confidence that you will receive expert guidance on:

  • best practices for procuring and implementing technology

  • negotiating a contract that protects client interests

  • strategies for leveraging the technology for efficient and effective operations


DELTAWRX conducts organizational assessments to uncover the root causes of technological, organizational, operational and other challenges.

Workflow Analysis

 Operational Best Practices

 Technology Portfolio Assessment

Staffing Analysis

 Change Management

Our holistic approach considers the influence of governance, culture, leadership, community expectations, structure and policies on business practices.

Our recommendations and implementation plans to address challenges are always practical and feasible for our clients.


DELTAWRX leverages expertise and proficiency in operations and technology to provide our clients with strategic direction to ensure community and first responder safety, efficient use of taxpayer dollars and effective operations.

Public Sector Strategic Planning 

Strategic Technology Planning  Consolidation Feasibility Studies Multi-Jurisdictional Governance

Cost Allocation

DELTAWRX understand the complexities public sector agencies face with technology, strategic planning, and change management projects and recognizes that the challenges facing public sector agencies are different from those facing private organizations. 

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