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Public Safety Operations

DELTAWRX has both broad and deep understanding of public safety and criminal justice operations, governance, funding and staffing.  We have conducted business process reengineering initiatives for numerous fire, law enforcement, emergency medical, communications and jail and correctional agencies, and bring operational insights from our work with hundreds of public safety agencies across the country.  We understand the typical workflows, roles, state and federal reporting requirements and data exchanges within and between public safety agencies, as well as specialized operations outside of the norm, such as for public safety at universities, stadiums and transit authorities.  Our knowledge of public safety and criminal justice operations allows us to hit the ground running when we begin a project.

Dispatch Center Expertise

DELTAWRX has experience with communications centers ranging from centers serving a single jurisdiction and discipline to large multi-jurisdictional and multi-discipline consolidated centers.  Our engagements in this area have entailed technology planning and procurement efforts, consolidation feasibility studies, implementation planning, staffing studies, governance development and cost allocation strategies.  We understand the complex issues professional communications centers face and how decisions made at the dispatch level impact the agencies they serve. 

Criminal Justice and Court Systems

DELTAWRX consultants are industry experts in public safety technology.  Since 2000, we have assisted public safety agencies with the planning, procurement, and implementation of public safety software and infrastructure, including computer aided dispatch and mobile computing systems, law enforcement and fire records management systems, field reporting applications, jail management systems, electronic patient care reporting systems, 9-1-1 systems, radio systems, body-worn camera systems, and other ancillary technology and equipment. We understand the changing landscape of the public safety  technology market and frequently assist clients with leaping from antiquated, legacy systems and paper-based processes to modern, integrated technology solutions.

Public Safety Technology
Radio Consulting

DELTAWRX has extensive experience with all aspects of mission critical voice and data systems, including conventional and trunked systems, analog and digital technologies, proprietary systems (e.g., EDACS, ProVoice, SmartNet, SmartZone, ASTRO 25) and standards based systems (e.g., TETRA and P25).  These systems operate in all frequency bands and include multi-modal dedicated and shared backhaul networks, and CDMA, GSM and Long-Term Evolution (LTE) cellular networks.  Over the years, DELTAWRX has planned and implemented some of the largest multi-agency voice and data networks in the country as well as supported smaller agencies in their efforts to meet mission critical voice and data needs.  We have assisted many agencies in the migration from proprietary conventional analog and trunked networks to modern, state-of the-art, standards-based systems such as Project 25.


APCO International   |   CALEA   |   iCERT   |   NENA   |   NFPA   |   SAFECOM   |   IWCE

DELTAWRX understands the need for integrated criminal justice and court case management systems at the municipal level, as well as the importance of being able to seamlessly share information with law enforcement records management systems and jail management systems.  We have experience assisting public sector agencies with using configurable application software, handheld bar code scanning devices and other methods to streamline business workflows pertaining to civil paper processing and warrant entry, modification, and service tracking, among other areas.

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