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Our knowledge of public safety and criminal justice operations and technology lets us hit the ground running when we begin a project.


DELTAWRX has a broad and deep understanding of public safety and criminal justice operations, technology, governance, funding and staffing from our extensive work with hundreds of agencies across the country.

Our knowledge of workflows, roles, reporting requirements and data exchanges allows us to provide practical and achievable solutions for our clients' challenges.

Police * Sheriff * Fire * EMS * Communications * Corrections * Probation* Courts * District/Prosecuting Attorneys * Public Defenders


DELTAWRX consultants are industry experts in technology to support public safety and criminal justice operations. 


We stay abreast of emerging technology trends, understand the changing landscape of the public safety technology market and are knowledgeable about the industry's solution providers.

E911 * CAD * Mobile * Law RMS

 JMS * Fire RMS

Patient Care Reporting

Probation Case Management

Court Case Management

Attorney Case Management

Camera Systems * Radio Systems


DELTAWRX consultants possess the interdisciplinary skills, training and education required to critically analyze organizational environments, facilitate workshops and group meetings, and guide clients in their journey toward operational excellence.

DELTAWRX draws on this training and  practical experience to provide our clients with feasible recommendations based on best practices.

Efficiency * Staffing

Multi-Agency Governance

Consolidation Feasibility

Cost Allocation

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