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Stearns County


* Governance Planning
* Cost Allocation
* Needs Assessment
* Requirements Definition
* RFP Development
* Proposal Evaluation
* Contract Negotiations
* Implementation Oversight

Service Population: 


DELTAWRX is assisting Stearns County with the planning, procurement, contract negotiations and implementation of a multi-discipline, multi-jurisdictional suite of public safety software, including a CAD, Mobile, Law RMS, JMS and Civil Processing System. The procurement includes key interfaces, integrated third-party software and ancillary equipment required to meet the County’s desired functionality and performance expectations.

DELTAWRX interviewed key stakeholders representing Stearns County, 30 incorporated cities and 34 organized townships. The Stearns County Sheriff’s Office, which provides communications services countywide, dispatches for 12 law enforcement agencies and 25 fire/EMS agencies. The Sheriff’s Office also runs the Stearns County Jail and handles and serves civil process documents on behalf of agencies, county departments, the court, individuals and private attorneys. Fire and EMS services are provided by the St. Cloud Fire Department and 24 volunteer fire departments throughout the county.

After facilitating the evaluation process, DELTWARX played a key role in negotiating a contract with the selected vendor and is currently providing implementation oversight services as the County and partner agencies implement the systems.

DELTAWRX also facilitated governance and cost allocation workshops with all stakeholder agencies to review existing models and ultimately make recommendations on a future operational framework. Our process ensured that all stakeholder concerns would be acknowledged in identifying the optimal governance and cost allocations models moving forward.

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