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Lewis County


* Consolidation Feasibility Assessment
* Staffing Analysis
* Strategic Planning
* Governance
* Cost Allocation

Service Population: 


Lewis County, along with the Cities of Chehalis and Centralia and the Riverside Fire Authority, engaged DELTAWRX to assess the feasibility of consolidating the county’s communications operations with those of Thurston County, a neighboring county to the north. The feasibility assessment examined the political environment, staffing, human resources, PSAP technology and radio infrastructure, and funding structure of both PSAPS. Although consolidation was ruled out as an option due to political reasons, DELTAWRX provided a path forward to addressing strategic issues that surfaced during the assessment.

DELTAWRX was further engaged to assist with developing a new governance structure and writing a strategic plan. The County agencies have decided to move from a County-owned communications center to a stand-alone communications center and are in the process of working through the legal aspects of that move. Additionally, the County agencies are working cooperatively and making considerable progress toward achieving a mutually agreed upon set of strategic goals.

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