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DuPage County ETSB


* Needs Assessment
* Requirements Definition
* RFP Development
* Proposal Evaluation
* Implementation Oversight
* Contract Revision

Service Population: 


DELTAWRX assisted DuPage County with the replacement of its Computer Aided Dispatch, Mobile Computing, Field Reporting, and Law Enforcement Records Management System. The solution was designed to be used by 65 public safety agencies and ten PSAPs across the County, facilitating county-wide data sharing and providing users with increased application software functionality.

To meet the diverse needs of each potential user group, DELTAWRX, under the direction of the Emergency Telephone System Board, conducted cross-functional, cross-departmental, and cross-agency focus groups to discuss project goals and future system requirements. We documented business needs and system requirements in a Request for Proposals for new applications.

DELTAWRX assisted the County with managing the procurement process. When proposals were returned, we led a multi-agency team through the evaluation process. In addition to facilitating the analysis of technical proposals and vendors’ responses to the functional requirements, we supported reference checks and site visits, oversaw vender demonstrations and analyzed cost proposals. The cost proposal analysis provided an objective comparison of one-time and recurring system costs.

During system implementation, DELTAWRX provided Project Management services to the County, overseeing the implementation of ETSB’s selected system. While not involved in the initial contract negotiations, DELTAWRX was engaged at a later date to advise during a revision of the original contract.

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