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City of Longmont


* Project Assessment
* RFP Development
* Proposal Evaluation
* Contract Negotiations

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DELTAWRX assisted the City of Longmont, CO (City) with procuring new public safety and criminal justice systems, including a Fire Records Management and Electronic Patient Care Reporting System, a Police Records Management System, a Court and Probation Management System and a Prosecuting Attorney Case Management System.

The City had already started work on developing functional requirements and our first task was to assess the work completed to date and make recommendations for a path forward. Due to a desire to reduce the number of systems and vendors across the city, the Public Safety Department was planning on a single RFP for all system components. One of our recommendations was for the City to conduct two solicitations – one for the Fire/EMS applications and one for the remaining applications. This approach would allow for an expedited process for procuring the much-needed Fire/EMS applications and increase the number of potential bidders for all applications.

After managing the development of the RFP documents, DELTAWRX facilitated the evaluation of proposals for both solicitations and assisted with negotiating the contract with the successful law enforcement RMS vendor.

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