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City of Carlsbad


* Stakeholder Interviews and Operational Observations
* Current Environment and Business Needs Assessment
* RFP Development
* Procurement Assistance
* Contract Negotiation
* Project Implementation Oversight

Service Population: 


The City of Carlsbad engaged DELTAWRX to assist with replacing its legacy Computer Aided Dispatch and Mobile Computing system, which had been in place for more than fifteen years.

DELTAWRX collected information about the City’s current emergency communications environment through interviews with end users and project stakeholders, attending ride-alongs, conducting surveys, and other channels. The Needs Assessment identified the City’s functional, technical, and organizational needs as they pertain to CAD/Mobile application software.

Based on the Needs Assessment, DELTAWRX prepared a comprehensive Request for Proposals for a new CAD solution. We also provided the City with consulting services throughout the procurement process.
DELTAWRX assisted the City with evaluating proposals from numerous system providers. After the City identified its preferred vendor, DELTAWRX led the contract negotiations process.

We are currently providing project management and subject matter expertise during system implementation.

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