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Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission


* Communication Center Consolidation Planning

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The Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission (CCRPC) engaged DELTAWRX to develop an implementation plan to consolidate emergency services dispatching, currently provided across nine disparate entities in Chittenden County. The primary driver for this initiative was improved service delivery, with the communities sharing the secondary desire to contain the cost of providing dispatch services in the future, if possible.

To develop a strategic, practical and thorough roadmap, DELTAWRX interviewed more than 60 stakeholders from public safety agencies and municipal government across the nine project sponsor communities. In addition, we collected data from technology vendors, representatives from the State of Vermont and other external stakeholders. We analyzed the information gathered, and facilitated an interim day-long workshop with the project sponsors to agree upon a set of assumptions and requirements for the future consolidated dispatch entity. This participatory activity allowed the group to reach consensus on certain preliminary issues, such as the optimal organizational and staffing structure, and helped build the buy-in necessary to act on the recommendations contained in the final roadmap.

Our final implementation plan recommended consolidating seven of the existing dispatch centers into a consolidated entity, and transforming the entity from a dispatch center to a PSAP. Our plan included: tasks necessary to stand up the new entity; recommendations in the areas of operations, human resources, staffing, technology and infrastructure; requirements for a suitable future facility; financial considerations; a timeline for consolidation; and recommended resources. DELTAWRX worked in close partnership with the CCRPC and Project Sponsors over the course of this strategic planning effort and ultimately conducted joint presentations to City and Town board members and citizens, following submission of our implementation plan.

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