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Black Hawk County Consolidated Communications Center


* Operational Assessment
* Governance
* Cost Allocation
* Staffing
* Funding Strategy
* Workload Analysis

Service Population: 


The Black Hawk Consolidated Communications Center (BHCCC) services all public safety agencies in the County. It is governed by an 11-member intergovernmental Board that hired DELTAWRX to assess its governance and operations. We were asked to assess workloads, review business practices, examine the cost-sharing model and provide recommendations to improve operations.

The assessment entailed interviewing key stakeholders from BHCCC and its partner agencies, observing communications center operations, reviewing available information and analyzing data. Our assessment identified critical challenges to the sustainability of BHCCC and we provided recommendations regarding governance, funding, operations, staffing and data collection procedures to address the challenges.
Recommendations regarding governance focused on creating an equitable decision-making structure to reduce perceived inequities and ensure that all members have appropriate input into decisions and policies. We found that funding sources were not sufficient to sustain operations and recommended an untapped funding source that would reduce the burden on individual cities.

DELTAWRX recommended operational and technology improvements to increase the efficiency of existing staff, improve service delivery to the public and improve first responder safety. We also identify an optimal staffing structure to support the operational improvements and provided a path to attaining that level of staffing.

Finally, DELTAWRX suggested that BHCCC collect data that would allow it to monitor performance and make operational adjustments accordingly.

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