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Black Hawk County CJIS Board


* Needs Assessment
* Requirements Definition
* RFP Development
* Proposal Evaluation
* Contract Negotiations
* Implementation Oversight

Service Population: 


The Criminal Justice Information System Board of Black Hawk County (Board), on behalf of its User Groups, retained DELTAWRX to lead the effort to replace the County's legacy CAD, Mobile, law RMS and Field Reporting, Civil Processing and Jail Management Systems. Multiple agencies throughout the County are participating in this project, including the Black Hawk County Consolidated Communication Center, which provides services for 24 public safety agencies and a resident population of approximately 130,000 people.

We used the needs assessment and functional requirements in developing a Request for Proposals document for the Board and led the evaluation phase of the project. During the evaluation phase, we facilitated the review of vendor proposals, coordinated and attended vendor demonstrations, organized reference checks and site visits and analyzed the cost proposals. Additionally, we led all Evaluation Team scoring meetings.

Following the selection of the successful proposer, DELTAWRX assisted the Board with contract negotiations and is currently providing oversight during implementation of the new system.

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