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Service Population: 12,900,000
Project Dates:  
1994 – 2002; 2015 – 2017
Client Type: Multi-disciplinary, multi-jurisdictional
Project Phases: 
  • Development of 1996
    Strategic Plan
  • Radio System Procurement
  • System Implementation
  • Strategic planning workshop
  • Development of 2017 Strategic Plan
  • Ongoing procurement assistance

The Utah Communications Authority (UCA) is an independent State agency in Utah that oversees a statewide radio network, promotes interoperable and emergency communications at the state, regional, local and tribal levels, manages the statewide emergency telephone system, and coordinates FIRSTNET operations within the state.


In the mid-1990s, Mr. Thayer developed a strategic plan for the improvement of public safety communications within Utah.  The plan was one of the first of its kind in the nation, in that it recommended a partnership among state and local agencies in the development of a shared, regional, wireless communications system.  The strategic plan was presented to Governor Leavitt, who endorsed the project as one of his top priorities.  Based on the success of the strategic planning effort, Mr. Thayer was retained to develop specifications for the system and to lead the selection of the State’s communications vendor.  The system was successfully implemented and provided the primary public safety communications for the Winter Olympics held in the Salt Lake City region.  To date, more than 22,500 radios are operating on the system.

Recently, Motorola announced the end-of-life for much of Utah’s existing 800 MHz trunked radio infrastructure.  Beginning in 2015, DELTAWRX was engaged to assist the Authority in planning for the next generation of public safety radio systems in the state.  Over the past year, DELTAWRX has assisted the Authority in the development of a radio communications strategic plan that is currently being presented to the Utah Legislature.  The plan includes recommendations for replacement of the obsolete radio infrastructure, updates to the existing conventional VHF radio system, upgrades to the state’s microwave system, maintenance and upgrades to the radio sites, along with budgetary estimates for the recommended work.  

Utah Communications Authority (UCA)/State of Utah

“DELTAWRX has met all of our expectations and it has been a pleasure to work with their team.  We would not hesitate to hire them again and we highly recommend them to other agencies.”

- Executive Director, Utah Communications Authority 

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