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Service Population: 500,000
Project Dates: 2011 - 2015
Client Type: Multi-disciplinary, multi-jurisdictional
Project Phases: 
  • Benchmarking Study
  • Governance and Cost
    Allocation Options
  • Needs Assessment
  • RFP Development
  • Proposal Evaluation
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Implementation Oversight

The Ramsey County Emergency Communications Center (RCECC) is the largest public safety dispatch center in the state of Minnesota, responsible for dispatching 400,000 calls for service per year to 17 law enforcement, fire and medical agencies. 

The RCECC initially hired DELTAWRX to evaluate its legacy Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD)/Mobile applications and develop options for upgrading or replacing the solution and associated interfaces.  To do this, DELTAWRX conducted a current system and business needs assessment to determine if the legacy system met the organization’s functional, technical and organizational needs, and identified the strengths and weaknesses associated with a product upgrade versus a new procurement. 


In addition, DELTAWRX analyzed whether CAD ownership should be shifted from the City of Saint Paul, by far the largest agency for whom the RCECC provides dispatch services, to another entity, or combination of entities.  This entailed benchmarking the RCECC against eight other consolidated communications centers to identify industry norms and best practices regarding system ownership, support, cost allocation, decision making and governance.  Ultimately, CAD system ownership transitioned to the RCECC.


During these activities, DELTAWRX made frequent presentations to high-level governing bodies and served as an advisor to the RCECC Director.  The RCECC further retained DELTAWRX to assist with the RFP development, proposal evaluation, vendor selection, contract negotiation and implementation phases of the project. 

Ramsey County Emergency Communications Center (RCECC), MN

“This all would not have been possible without the help we received from DELTAWRX. You were so much help and a pleasure to work with."

- Administrative Manager, Ramsey County Emergency Communications Center (RCECC) 

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