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DELTAWRX to Analyze Police & Fire Software and Processes for the City of Fort Smith

DELTAWRX is pleased to announce our new partnership with the City of Fort Smith, Arkansas. Home to just under 90,000 residents, Fort Smith is the second largest city in the state. The Police and Fire Departments utilize a variety of mostly stand-alone public safety software systems to support their operations throughout the city’s 68 square miles. Having determined that the existing systems no longer meet the evolving needs of key end users, the City has retained DELTAWRX to review the current technology environment, conduct a needs assessment, prepare system requirements, develop a Request for Proposals (RFP), support the proposal evaluation process and oversee the system implementation, among other tasks.

Through this effort the City desires to:

  • Consolidate, where possible, disparate systems into a single-vendor solution

  • Improve ease of use and overall system intuitiveness

  • Implement core system components (e.g., e-Citations, mobile field reporting, pre-plans, NFIRS, NIBRS-reporting, etc.)

  • Eliminate redundant and manual tasks

  • Improve the quality and speed of data-driven decision making

  • Increase information-sharing with neighboring agencies

DELTAWRX is a leading public safety technology consulting firm with expertise that spans all public safety disciplines, including emergency communications, law enforcement, fire and corrections. Over the past twenty years, we have managed more than 60 public safety systems assessment and replacement engagements throughout the United States. We look forward to assisting the City of Fort Smith with this effort.

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