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DELTAWRX Consultants Named to 2019 APCO International Positions

APCO Volunteer Positions

We are proud to announce the appointment of three DELTAWRX consultants to volunteer positions with APCO International for the coming year. APCO International is an organization of public safety communications professionals that provides expertise, professional development, technical assistance, advocacy and outreach. All three of our consultants will be serving in consecutive roles in their volunteer positions, demonstrating our commitment to APCO and the emergency communications industry, and the value of our team members’ contributions in 2018.

  • Donald R. Denning Jr. was reappointed to serve as the Chair of APCO International’s Cybersecurity Committee for a second consecutive year. This committee is responsible for establishing cybersecurity policies and standards. In recent years, this committee produced a guide for cybersecurity in Public Safety Answering Points (PSAP) and developed strategic principles for securing the Internet of Things (IoT). In addition, Mr. Denning was appointed to the Emergency Communications Center Crisis Response Task Force which will develop methods for supporting public safety communications personnel who have experienced a crisis within the ECC due to an emergency such as a line-of-duty death, mass casualty or community active shooter type incident.

  • Monica Lynn will serve as the Chair of APCO’s Writing Group for Cybersecurity Training for a second consecutive year. This group is responsible for developing a standard to provide guidance and direction in developing cyber security training programs to manage emerging threats to the public safety communications sector. The standard recognizes that training telecommunicators, supervisors, network administrators and multiple levels of management is critical to recognizing and mitigating numerous threats that can result in data loss and system downtime. Threats include viruses, trojans, denial-of-service attacks, and other intrusions by malicious actors.

  • Liz Coyle will serve a second consecutive year on the APCO International Awards Committee, where she will support the evaluation of candidates for the annual Team Award. In 2018, APCO International honored a team from the Combined Communications Center of Las Vegas, Nevada for its service during the Harvest Festival mass shooting tragedy. Other APCO International award categories include director, information technologist, line supervisor, radio frequency technologist, telecommunicator and trainer of the year.

DELTAWRX looks forward to our continued support of APCO International and other leading industry groups and we are confident that our consultants’ experience and leadership will allow us to contribute significantly to the work of these organizations.

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