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DELTAWRX Awarded CAD, Law Enforcement RMS and JMS Consulting Services Contract with West Chester Tow

West Chester Ohio

We are pleased to announce a new partnership with West Chester Township, Ohio. DELTAWRX will support public safety agencies in the Township with replacing their end of life Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) application, Mobile Computing solution, law enforcement Records Management System (RMS), and Jail Management System (JMS) with a modern, integrated solution. We will work with the Township’s Police, Fire/EMS and Emergency Communications departments to identify their business needs, develop a comprehensive set of functional requirements aimed at supporting more efficient and effective operations, prepare a Request for Proposals, support the procurement and proposal evaluation process and assist the Township with negotiating a contract for the new solution.

We look forward to beginning this engagement with West Chester Township and supporting the public safety agencies through this critical transition period.

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