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Chittenden County Voters Approve Creation of Regional Dispatch Authority

Public Safety Authority

On March 6, voters in six out of seven communities in Chittenden County, Vermont approved a ballot measure to create the Chittenden County Public Safety Authority (CCPSA), a regional emergency dispatch center. Read the full press release about this outcome here.

DELTAWRX had the opportunity to work with municipal government officials and law enforcement, fire and medical aid public safety agencies in Chittenden County in 2016 and 2017 when we developed a regional dispatch implementation plan. Our efforts involved analyzing the communications environment, preparing regional dispatch models, facilitating decision making workshops with multi-jurisdictional stakeholders and ultimately preparing a practical roadmap for consolidation. More information about this engagement can be found on the Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission’s website, and in our client listing.

The main advantages of moving to a regional dispatch model in Chittenden County include the ability to facilitate systematic mutual aid among communities, provide dedicated oversight to fire and medical aid events and improve staffing through pooled dispatch resources and increased opportunities for quality assurance, training and supervision positions.

CCPSA will function as a union municipal district and expects to begin providing services over the next twelve to twenty-four months, once memorandums of understandings between the agency and participating municipalities have been agreed upon.

DELTAWRX has experience in all phases of dispatch consolidation endeavors, including initial feasibility studies, staffing, technology, facility, operational and governance analyses, implementation planning and the provision of post-implementation support as newly consolidated entities transition into fully unified organizations that operate in accordance with industry best practices. To learn more about our work in this area, please contact Liz Coyle or Donald Denning.

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