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DELTAWRX Awarded Radio System Needs Assessment Contract for Marin Transit, California

Marin Transit Radio Consulting

DELTAWRX is pleased to announce our recently awarded contract with Marin Transit to develop a radio system needs assessment. Marin Transit is the local transit provider for Marin County, California and offers bus and shuttle service through four operations contractors for local and paratransit routes. These routes include supplemental school service, dial-a-rides to state parks, recreation and other areas as well as West Marin Stage Coach.

Our needs assessment will begin with a review and analysis of Marin Transit’s existing operations contractors, radio systems and radio conditions, followed by documentation of organizational and end-user business needs. We will analyze the radio system costs which will include equipment costs, annual maintenance costs and any applicable monthly service fees. Our needs assessment and final recommendations will be the result of a participatory data collection, validation and presentation process and will cover radio equipment, system coverage, capacity, reliability, functionality and methods of interoperability.

DELTAWRX has extensive experience providing radio system consulting services, including providing technical expertise, leading procurement efforts and overseeing system implementations. We focus on serving the public sector, with a particular emphasis on public safety, public works, utilities and transit agencies.

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