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Catch Us in Orlando, Florida: IWCE 2018 Presentation Announcement

Granaz Movahed and Donald R. Denning Jr. will be presenting Lessons Learned from A Multi-Jurisdictional Public Safety Radio System Upgrade Project, and Understanding System Capacity at the IWCE 2018 Conference, held from March 5 to 9 in Orlando, Florida. IWCE's five-day conference provides an opportunity to learn about new technologies and stay up-to-date on the latest trends in the wireless communications industry. Learn more about the conference here.

International Wireless Communications Expo

Our first presentation will cover lessons learned from the Next Generation (NGEN) public safety radio system engagement in Monterey County, California where DELTAWRX served as the project manager and provided technical subject matter expertise. Monterey County, on behalf of the County and more than 20 local public safety agencies, administered this project to replace the existing public safety and local government voice and data radio networks with interoperable narrowband VHF and 700MHz digital trunking technologies. We will discuss the major technical, managerial and logistical lessons learned over the course of this nearly 10-year project. We will also present a blueprint for managing radio system upgrades in multi-jurisdictional environments, providing attendees with a practical takeaway.

Our second presentation will also draw on our experience in Monterey County, California, however it will focus on the technical, managerial and logistical lessons learned specific to system capacity planning and radio configuration, following the County’s 45-day reliability test period. We will also take a deep dive into comparing and contrasting system capacity expansion options to include coverage classes, radio setting preferences, frequency spectrum and sites.

DELTAWRX has a successful track record working with public safety agencies across the nation. We look forward to supporting IWCE and other leading industry groups and are confident that our consultants’ experience and leadership will allow us to contribute significantly to this conference and other endeavors. For questions about this presentation, or to discuss radio system issues facing your organization, please contact us at or

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