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Catch Us in Colorado: NENA/APCO Presentation Announcement

Monica Lynn and Liz Coyle will be presenting Governance Strategies for Managing Multi-Agency CAD/Mobile Systems at the 2018 Colorado NENA/APCO Conference, held from April 18 - 20 in Westminster, Colorado. The Colorado chapter of NENA/APCO is committed to providing public safety communications expertise, professional development, technical assistance, advocacy and outreach to benefit its members and the public. Learn more about the organization here.

Our presentation will discuss the benefits of multiple public safety entities sharing a CAD/Mobile system including cost-sharing, efficient communication operations, and improved situational awareness in the field. It will also cover the challenges that can arise from sharing a system due to operational, technical and administrative differences among agencies, as well as communication barriers between agencies, and how variations in service expectations across communities can exacerbate these challenges.

We will devote the majority of our presentation to providing guidance on developing governance strategies for application software and system management, including code table administration, security controls, data management, geofile management, hardware and network maintenance, training, and help desk needs, when multiple agencies are involved.

DELTAWRX has a track record of success working with public safety agencies in the State of Colorado and across the nation. We look forward to supporting NENA/APCO and other leading industry groups and are confident that our consultants’ experience and leadership will allow us to contribute significantly to this conference and other endeavors. For questions about this presentation, or to discuss governance issues facing your organization, please contact us at or

We hope to see you in Colorado!

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