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City of College Station


* Needs Assessment
* Requirements Definition
* RFP Development
* Proposal Evaluation
* Contract Negotiations
* Implementation Assistance
* Change Management

Service Population: 


DELTAWRX assisted the City of College Station, the home of Texas A&M University, with the replacement of its Computer Aided Dispatch, Mobile Computing, Law RMS, Field Reporting and Jail Management Systems.

DELTAWRX reviewed background materials provided by the City and conducted informational interviews and ride-alongs with project stakeholders and key personnel. We used information gathered to document the current public safety systems environment and develop a business needs assessment for the City. The assessment included a budgetary estimate and preliminary scope for a replacement system, providing a foundation for developing the Request for Proposals.

DELTAWRX worked closely with College Station system end users to define the functional requirements of the future system and develop a Request for Proposals in compliance with local procurement practices. We also prepared a vendor evaluation and selection plan, which provided a roadmap for the City to follow during the proposal evaluation phase of the project.

After receiving vendor responses, DELTAWRX worked with the City’s Evaluation Team to analyze the proposal responses. We assisted the City with negotiating a contract with the selected vendor, and developed implementation, solution acceptance testing and change management plans for the City.

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