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City of Boise


* Organizational, Operational and Technology Assessment
* Technology Planning and Budgeting
* Strategic Planning

Service Population: 


The Boise Police Department (BPD) engaged DELTAWRX to assess its technology portfolio and develop a five-year strategic technology plan. The drivers for the study were staffing, workflow and financial inefficiencies created by a fragmented technology portfolio.

DELTAWRX interviewed staff from every department unit, observed how they were using the technology, reviewed contracts and financial information, and conducted market research.

BPD’s acquisition of technology over the years resulted in a fragmented technology portfolio that was compromising the department’s ability to fully achieve its desired operational goals. Its technology was reducing the efficiency of staff and often hindered, rather than supported, operations. DELTAWRX provided recommendations that focused on leveraging existing technology as much as possible and eliminating redundant software. We provided agency and City leadership with budget and resource information to help them plan for technology procurements where necessary.

Most importantly, DELTAWRX stressed the organizational origins of the current environment and provided practical steps the BPD could take to create a culture in which technology and continual process improvement are seen as integral to policing so that the department could avoid finding itself in the same situation in the future.

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