Service Population: 264,000 (average daily riders)
Project Dates: 2015 - 2016
Client Type: Single discipline, single jurisdiction
Project Phases: 
  • Market Analysis
  • Requirements Definition
  • Staffing Study
  • Strategic Plan
  • Financial Analysis

DELTAWRX provided a strategic plan to assist the Metro Transit Police Department (MTPD) plan for and implement a body-worn camera program.  We conducted a literature review to summarize and assess the current state of research, legal positions, community perceptions and agency experiences on body-worn camera programs, interviewed stakeholders from MTPD and representatives from agencies involved in body-worn camera initiatives, and studied regional policies and Minnesota state legislation pertaining to body-worn camera use.  We also conducted a market analysis to identify current technology options and market trends. 


The strategic plan identified MTPD’s program goals, objectives and desired outcomes, discussed the challenges of implementing a body-worn camera program as well as the implications of Minnesota State Law on body-worn cameras, and recommended a course of action that would lead to a successful program implementation.  DELTAWRX also specified technical requirements that the MTPD should consider when procuring a body-worn camera system, calculated staffing required to support the program (including officer back-fill to account for officer time spent documenting video footage), and provided a five-year budget for the initial investment and ongoing operating and maintenance. 


Finally, we provided specific recommendations for developing MTPD policy on body-worn cameras, addressing equipment usage, recording protocols, documentation and downloading procedures, storage, internal data access, release of video footage to the public, and accountability.

Metro Transit Police Department, MN

“Cost-Benefit in using DELTAWRX has always been very high. Exceptionally competent team of professionals.

- Manager of Business Technologies, Metro Transit Police Department

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